Welcome to Openpave.org

Welcome to OpenPave.org, the home of open source pavement engineering software. Open source software allows you, the user, to access the source code for your software so that you can both see how it works and change it to better perform the tasks for which you are using it. This is particularly valuable in engineering where you often need specialized software for particular tasks. Ordinarily this would mean having to code your application from scratch, hence the proliferation of small programs which are essentially the same. With open source you can benefit from building on a tested base, and all for free!

For you, the developer, open source gives you the ability to implement your ideas without building from scratch, and to benefit from the changes of other developers. This is particularly valuable for students wishing to explore new algorithms, and for researchers looking to calibrate models without the expense of developing from scratch.

OpenPave.org code is distributed under the Academic Development and Distribution License, which is similar to the Mozilla Public License (which is used by the Firefox web browser), with an added clause requiring that code used for academic publications be distributed.

About OpenPave.org

OpenPave.org was started in 2006, by Jeremy Lea, a graduate student from the University of California, Davis. Jeremy has been involved in a number of open source projects, including FreeBSD and Mozilla and Firefox, and saw the power of open source to create really good quality code first hand. OpenPave.org was conceived as a vehicle to distribute the pavement engineering code which he had written, in the hopes that the community would participate. In addition, there are no programs for Linux/FreeBSD/MacOS X for pavement engineering, and it is hoped that through OpenPave.org these applications can be developed, allowing people to use these platforms rather than being forced to use Windows.

It is encouraging that there are a number of people talking about trying to open source their pavement engineering code, including some moves to open source the MEPDG software.

OpenPave.org is currently hosted at UC Davis.